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STX CRUX 600 PreStrung Head

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The STX Crux 600 Women's Lacrosse Head brings you unmatched ball control in women's lacrosse. The Crux 600 Women's Lacrosse Head brinings elite control and feel to your hands with newly enhanced technologies. The Crux 600 Women's Lacrosse Head delivers unparalleled ball control through three new key improvements with a minimized sidewall, DropRail and Launch Pocket II. These three new additions work together in combination to help control the ball in the sweet spot of your pocket delivering a powerful feel and control of the ball.10 Degree Offset technology adds more feel though by offseting the weight of the ball to enhance cradling. STX introduced their new Speed Scoop to the women's game with the Crux 600 head which delivers a massive improvement. Speed Scoop brings easier ground balls through it's targeted round profile for gliding on turf/field effortlessly while also protecting the top string. 

- Minimized sidewall design allows for increased ball retention allowing for more control through a wider range of motions while on the field. 

- New Drop Rail places the bottom strings lower then typical women's heads in order to push the ball to the pockets sweet spot. 

- 10 Degree technology helps deliver added control through its performance offset helping to increase control while cradling. 

- Speed Scoop is used for the first time in women's lacrosse with the Crux 600 bringing easier ground balls to your game while protecting top strings. 

- Redesigned Launch Pocket II adds extra feel to your pocket and improves on pocket durability. 

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