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STX Surgeon 700 Unstrung Head

Product image 1STX Surgeon 700  Unstrung Head
Product image 2STX Surgeon 700  Unstrung Head
Product image 3STX Surgeon 700  Unstrung Head
Product image 4STX Surgeon 700  Unstrung Head
Product image 5STX Surgeon 700  Unstrung Head
Product image 6STX Surgeon 700  Unstrung Head

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The STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Head offers a new level of precision for the elite offensive player with new advanced technologies from STX. The first thing you will notice is its radical new scoop, sidewall structure and overall look. STX has delivered a new level of detail and engineering that is easily noticed throughout the Surgeon 700 head with it’s visible technologies. First and foremost you will notice an extremely well thought-out and executed scoop with 3 major performance features. The Surgeon 700’s new Speed Scoop allows for effortless ground balls while the cored-out front creates a massive weight reduction and the added 7th top string hole makes for a unique stringing feature. This 7th top string hole is STX's new Channel Lock technology, allowing stringers to pull an even tighter and more accurate channel all the way to scoop of the Surgeon 700 head. Other major visible upgrades include the new mid-rail with added stringing holes and a significantly refined throat that uses built in handle support for a shorter, stiffer and more comfortable fit. To seal the deal, the STX uses a new proprietary EnduraForm material developed by STX to improve durability and shape in a wider array of hot and cold temperatures. Overall STX knocked it out of the park with the Surgeon 700 with more performance technology then any other head on the market for a much lighter, more durable and insanely accurate head. 

- New Channel Lock technology adds 7th top string hole centered in the scoop to pull and tighten mesh channels for increased accuracy and performance. 

- STX's fan favorite SpeedScoop brings effortless ground balls to the offensive side of the field. 

- Upgraded EnduraForm material allows the Surgeon 700 to remain durable and stiff in a wider range of hot and cold temperatures then previously available in STX heads. 

- Newly redesigned throat with built in handle support brings your top hand closer to the ball and improves overall feel and control. 

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