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True Key Unstrung Head White

Product image 1True Key Unstrung Head White
Product image 2True Key Unstrung Head White
Product image 3True Key Unstrung Head White

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New for 2019, TRUE engineering has created a lighter and tighter head to help experienced players reach new levels of performance with the TRUE Key Lacrosse Head.

TRUE’s new Pro Pinch in the Key narrows the travel path and improves accuracy and consistency of release. Coupled with a Precision Flare that keeps the ball in the sweet spot by creating a longer throat, the Key delivers accurate and consistent passes and shots, helping unlock your goal-scoring ability.

An Aggressive Offset offers the best feel and maximum control by dropping the ball low and fast, staying all the way down to the scoop to create maximum ball control. At just 4.3 ounces, the lighter head, made with ISO Twist that adds stiffness and strength, provides ultimate ball control, and allows the player to feel like nothing is there until they are in control of the rock.

The Key is lighter, tighter, and locked in, ready to make any player the Key to their team’s offense by providing maximum consistency, control, and release.

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