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True Comp SF 4.0 Soft Touch Black

Regular price $120.00

The True Comp 4.0 Box/HD Flex 5 32" Men's Attack Shaft has a slight concave shape and soft-touch grip, giving you a comfortable feel and control in any weather without needing tape.The felx 5 SmartFlex helps control the flex rates along the shaft, and provides amazing speed and snap on your passes and shots. This shaft is a solid choice for this box lacrosse season. 

  • SmartFlex gives more flex near the head and mid-section, providing snap, speed and feel
  • SmartPly fiber make up the carbon fiber shaft wall, making this shaft impact resistant and strong
  • Loading Zone provides multiple flex zones along the shaft, giving you superior feel and accuracy when passing
  • Flex 5
  • 32" 
  • Box Shaft
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