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Epoch Integra DragonFly Defense Shaft Red/Orange IQ8

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New to the Epoch Dragonfly series is the Epoch Dragonfly Integra C60 Lacrosse Defense Shaft - '19 Model, designed for the advancing player looking to upgrade from an alloy shaft to a carbon fiber shaft. Now you can get the Dragonfly Integra - '19 Model in Limited Edition techno-colors.

The Dragonfly Integra – 19 Model comes in the C60 shape, offering a relaxed feel that doesn’t skimp on ball control or quick hand movement. Coming in flex options iQ8, the Dragonfly Integra - '19 Model is perfect for a player looking to add some more technology to their game by switching to a carbon fiber shaft.

If you’re a developing player looking for a carbon fiber shaft that will help elevate your game to the varsity ranks and beyond, get your hands on an Epoch Dragonfly Integra C60 Lacrosse Defense Shaft - '19 Model today.

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