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Under Armour Emissary Woman's Complete Stick White

Regular price $220.00

Virtually Unbeatable. Best Draw head in the game.

Designed with Northwestern's Kelly Amonte Hiller. It's got an extra ridge sidewall that's virtually unbeatable on the draw.

  • Glide Scoop technology reduces resistance when scooping on any surface
  • Max Offset for better ball control and feel
  • Drop V scoop for pinpoint accuracy
  • Narrowest silhouette
  • Meets NCAA and USL specifications

Draw Pocket -

  • Rail Flex piece has super soft flexible runners and reverse grip technology that grabs the ball and pulls it from the opponent's stick
  • Strung with super soft Dyneema mesh lace
  • Soft Spot technology channels the ball directly to the bottom edge of the sidewall
  • Reverse flip top lace directs the ball to the sweet spot

Includes composite shaft.

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