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Under Armour Command X White Face Off

Product image 1Under Armour Command X White Face Off
Product image 2Under Armour Command X White Face Off

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The Under Armour Command X Lacrosse Head is the most innovative face off head to date with break through design features specially engineered for faceoffs. The Command X head by Under Armour will not only out last other face off heads but it will continue to dominate them. Every inch of the Command X is formulated to win faceoffs with an aggressive asymmetrical sidewall, perfect scoop, shortened throat and superior face off durability. The asymmetrical sidewall design is truly a game changer at the X with dual style functionality and a claw like flare to dig out the ball during faceoffs. When lined up for a faceoff, the top sidewall of the Command X is a thicker more durable sidewall that also uses a downward flare to out muscle and claw under an opponent's head. While the bottom sidewall is designed for speedy finesse moves using a thinner and more flexible sidewall with a smaller downward flare to quickly move under and secure the ball. This combo not only makes the Command X remarkably versatile and resistant to warping, it is extremely effective at securing and guarding the ball quicker because of its aggressive sidewall flare. Under Armour also added their highly popular Glide Scoop to the Command X giving it a nicely rounded scoop to attack ground balls with at any angle. To cap it off the Command X utilizes a shortened throat keeping your hands closer to the ball with a 4 screw attachment system. Overall the Under Armour Command X offers the faceoff midfielder a very impressive array of performance features to win battles at the X. 

- Specifically designed for facing off through extensive research and development with top tier players at every level. 

- Aggressive asymmetrical sidewall with two unique sidewalls for versatile performance when facing off while also increasing face shape retention.

- The top sidewall is thicker and more rigid for power based moves. 

- The bottom sidewall is thinner and more flexible for finesse based moves.

- Angled flares on both sidewalls create claw like functionality while facing off to help dig out and secure the ball from an opponent. 

- Under Armour's Glide Scoop technology creates effortless ground balls at any angle with a perfectly rounded scoop.

- Shortened throat allows players to get their hands closer to the ball during faceoffs and is attached securely by 4 screws to any shaft. 

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