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Maverik KINETIK Black Unstrung

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The Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head delivers more power to the hands of elite offensive players then ever before for the 2017 season. Maverik designed the Kinetik Head with every piece of offensive technology in their tool kit to deliver increased shot velocity and accuracy. Most immediately noticed will be the aggressive face shape of the Kinetik, designed with Tension Lock technology for a precisely tuned shooting channel and added accuracy. Maverik fine tuned the offensive offset with an Optimal Release Point allowing shooters to load shot energy with the Kinetik through added hold paired with extreme energy transfer to the ball for increased shot velocity. For added stiffness in extreme weather climates the Kinetik uses Maverik's DuraTough material to deliver a superiorly consistant head. The Kinetik also uses X-Rail Technology to evenly distribute impact stress through the opposite rail allowing for an overall light weight, stiff and durable design ideal for the offensive player. Using a Level 4 Bottom Rail design and ample stringing holes this head is ideal for a Mid-high pocket delivering added hold and power to any players game. 

- Tension Lock pulls top diamond rows tight allowing for a precisely defined channel and increased accuracy.

- Optimal Release Point brings increased shot velocity through added hold and extreme energy transfer while shooting.

- DuraTough material provides increased stiffness and consistency in extreme weather climates.

- X-Rail technology distributes impact stress through the opposite rails allowing for a light weight and durable design.

- Level 4 Bottom Rail paired with 17 stringing holes along the sidewall are ideal for a Mid-High pocket.

- Proudly made in the USA.

- NCAA Legal. 

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