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Bauer GSX Goalie Chest Protector JR Small/Medium

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Brand new for 2020, Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer GSX Junior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector. The Bauer GSX features key revisions and adaptations to improve upon previous models and improve your Bauer experience.

Starting off with the front section of the Bauer GSX Chest Protector, you will see a slightly redesigned hybrid shoulder floater made to be mobile and protective for the goaltender when moving around the crease. Moving down further on this unit, a floating sternum piece provides extra protection to this key area when taking shots. All along the stomach section you will find dual density foam lining the entire stomach along with a core extension to offer additional protection if needed.

Next, the entire arm of the Bauer GSX is made out of an F1 construction which is a type of foam designed to be highly protective against high force impacts. On the elbow floaters, a dynamic three-flex design helps achieve high levels of mobility so the goaltender can move freely with no interference. The entire arm design comes with a quick adjusting Velcro design for easy tweaks when finding the preferred fit for each goaltender.

Finally flipping around to the back of the Bauer GSX Chest Protector, you will find two adjustment points for the collar located on top of the shoulders. On the backplate adjustments you will find two separate straps go out on to the sides and can be adjusted individually to find the exact fit the goaltender wants to achieve. Finally, he backplate itself is made out of Thermomax + technology which acts as a cooling material to keep the goaltender comfortable and prevent overheating.

Compared to the Bauer GSX Goalie Chest & Arm Protector, the Bauer Elite Goalie Chest Protector features higher quality materials and construction.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for a lightweight and durable chest protector built to be mobile and create and easy experience for each goaltender, the Bauer GSX Junior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector is the one for you.

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