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Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Pads-SR

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Brand new for 2022, Bauer breaks barriers with its newest iteration of the legendary line; introducing the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads!

Following the success of the 3S leg pads, the M5 Pro will feature a crisp digital printed graphic, divided into four visually striking zones. Internally, the M5 Pro will feature a dual density foam core along with a Curv composite reinforced thigh. A single internal break below the knee is featured along a flex profile that is slightly stiffer when compared to the 3S. Finally at the boot the popular 120 degree soft flex returns from previous generations of the Supreme line.

Moving to the inner edge of the M5 Pro, Bauer’s Stabilislide knee block returns from the 3S pads, where the knee block is integrated directly into the core of the pad allowing for greater stability and a better seal on the ice and is coupled with an adjustable knee wing for ultimate stability and comfort. Further down on the calf a redesigned an all-new molded calf pillow designed to allow for optimal balance when in the butterfly.

Finally the M5 Pro will feature a new Tune-Fit+ strapping system at the calf designed to balance the pad on the leg. Fully adjustable straps at both the top and bottom of the calf will allow for a truly customized and exact fit for any leg shape and size.

If you are an advanced-level goaltender who is looking for a top level goalie pad aimed to perform at the top level, with technology that caters to every need of the modern goaltender, look no further than the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads.

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