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Bauer Ultrasonic Elbow Pads- Junior

Product image 1Bauer Ultrasonic Elbow Pads- Junior
Product image 2Bauer Ultrasonic Elbow Pads- Junior
Product image 3Bauer Ultrasonic Elbow Pads- Junior
Product image 4Bauer Ultrasonic Elbow Pads- Junior

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New for the 2021 season, Bauer is introducing the Supreme Ultrasonic Elbow Pads. With forearm, bicep, and comfort upgrades, Bauer is looking to bring their most protective and comfortable elbow pad yet!

Starting from the top, the bicep on the Supreme Ultrasonic Elbow Pads is an independent construction called the 360 bicep that allows for better full motion mobility while staying lightweight and highly protective. New for this iteration, Bauer is using a full coverage anatomical split cap design with a molded foam cover. This material increases players’ range of motion and mobility, as well as enhancing fit, protection and feel. Moving down to the forearm, Bauer has added ADAPTIV Skin protection which will better wrap and protect the forearm area from impacts and slashes, without compromising mobility.

Holding everything together on the Supreme Ultrasonic Elbow Pads are the ComfortLock straps. This strapping system ensures that the elbow pads fit snugly, but comfortably around the arm, maximizing the fit and protection the pads offer.

Moving to the interior, the Supreme Ultrasonic Elbow Pads feature a Thermo Core Liner. This liner will be both comfortable and protective. Not only does this lining add another layer of comfort, it fights to wick moisture away from the arms, keeping players dry and comfortable throughout usage. Additionally, this lining helps the Ultrasonic Elbow Pads dry out faster and eliminates the growth of bacteria.

With the addition of a few key upgrades, like the 360 bicep, ComfortLock straps and the ADAPTIV Skin, the Bauer Ultrasonic Elbow pads will help to keep you as mobile as possible without sacrificing protection.


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