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Bauer Vapor 3X Elbow Pad-Senior

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The Vapor 3X elbow pad is the perfect balance of protection, comfort, and flexibility for the competitive player. The 3-piece construction elbow pad with the 360-Forearm allows for full flexibility on the ice with a comfort lock strap to keep everything in place. The sublimated THERMOMAX liner is designed to manage sweat and keep you cool all game long.


Size Chart

Elbow Pads

YOUTH S 3-5 YEARS 31-42LB 3'0"-3'6" 6-7"
M 5-7 YEARS 40-53LB 3'5"-3'11" 6.5-7.5"
L 7-9 YEARS 51-64LB 3'10"-4'5" 7-8"
JUNIOR S 8-10 YEARS 53-68LB 4'2"-4'8" 8-9"
M 10-11 YEARS 66-79LB 4'7"-4'11" 8.5-10"
INTERMEDIATE M 11-13 YEARS 79-99LB 4'10"-5'5" 9.5-10.5"
L 13+ YEARS 97-150LB 5'5"-5'9" 10-11.5"
SENIOR M 14+ YEARS 130-170LB 5'7"-5'11" 10.5-12.5"
L 15+ YEARS 150-190LB 5'9"-6'1" 11.5-13.5"
XL 15+ YEARS 170-209LB 5'11"-6'5" 12.5-14.5"
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