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Bauer S18 Nexus N2900 Grip Stick SR-87 RHTP28

Product image 1Bauer S18 Nexus N2900 Grip Stick SR-87 RHTP28
Product image 2Bauer S18 Nexus N2900 Grip Stick SR-87 RHTP28
Product image 3Bauer S18 Nexus N2900 Grip Stick SR-87 RHTP28

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New for the 2018 season is Bauer’s Nexus 2900 Griptac Senior Hockey Stick! The Nexus 2900 hockey stick looks to build upon the widely successful Nexus 1N hockey stick by making a few key upgrades to the shaft and blade construction, making this one of the most advanced sticks on the market!

Starting with the construction of the shaft, the Nexus 2900 Hockey Stick is composed of a high-performance mold. This process eliminates excess material within the shaft, giving players a more balanced and controlled feel.

The shaft of the Nexus 2900 Hockey Stick is constructed of 3K carbon fiber. This material is highly durable and lightweight, providing players with superior performance. Additionally, thanks to this material, the Nexus 2900 Hockey Stick is 20 grams lighter than its predecessor!

The Nexus line of sticks are known for their mid-kick points allowing for a great balance of release speed and power, and the Nexus 2900 Hockey Stick encapsulates this perfectly. The Nexus 2900 Hockey Stick features Bauer’s Sweet-Spot-Technology, which gives players the option to easily fire off a quick snapshot from the hashmarks or launch a powerful slapshot from the blue line.

This flex profile goes hand in hand with the Nexus 2700 Hockey Sticks AERO Foam I Blade. This blade features two internal foams that help increase balance, puck feel, and durability, all while remaining lightweight! Furthermore, the Nexus 2700 Hockey Stick features what Bauer calls their MaxBalance blade construction. This technology reduces blade weight, thus creating a higher balance point, which results in a quicker shot release.

If you are a high-level player looking to drive pucks past netminders with ease, look no further than the Bauer Nexus 2900 Intermediate Griptac Senior Hockey Stick!

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