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Bauer S19 X2.5 GL STK INT LFT P31 BLK23

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New for 2019, Bauer Goalie has released their next iteration in the Vapor stick line with the Bauer Vapor X2.5 Intermediate Goalie Stick. The X2.5 is specifically made for goaltenders that prefer the foam core feel with some composite additives.

Starting off with the paddle Bauer Vapor X2.5, the paddle is made of a low density foam core which ultimately wraps towards the blade. Encompassing the entire paddle and blade, there is a carbon and fiberglass reinforced wrap. This wrap will give the X2.5 durability along with the internal low density foam core that gives off effective rebounds that give the goaltender time to recover. Finishing off on the paddle, an arch paddle construction is utilized to create optimal balance that provides better control over the stick for the goaltender.

On the shoulder area of the Vapor X2.5, Bauer has provided a removable grip that provides comfort on the goaltender’s hand as well as create more control over the stick when making saves. Finally up to the shaft of the Vapor X2.5, it is entirely comprised of composite that will give a lightweight feel on the upper half of the stick.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for a lightweight foam core stick wrapped with carbon materials and a composite shaft, look no further than the Bauer Vapor X2.5 Intermediate Goalie Stick.

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