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Bauer Supreme 2S Team Grip Stick INT-65 RHT P28

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Brand new for 2018, Bauer has released their Supreme 2S Team Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick. This line looks to add upgraded fibers in both the shaft and blade for added durability. This also helps to reduce the weight of the stick.

Appearance wise, Bauer has kept their traditional black and yellow Supreme colorway which gives in a gorgeous look on the ice. At the top hand placement, the 2S Team grip features subtle black and silver accents that sweep in to a large Supreme word mark outlined in yellow. Just below the bottom hand, there is the new 2S Team logo in a gold color. At both sides of the bottom of the stick, Bauer finishes off the stick with their classic Bauer logo in a chrome finish.

For the Supreme 2S Team Grip, Bauer went with their traditional Griptac feel. Griptac provides the best amount of grip so you always have control of the stick, but also easy enough to where you can take one hand on and off with ease. Coupled with Griptac is Bauer’s square shaft design. This specific design provides a thicker feel in the players hand for ultimate feel and explosive shots.

This stick is made up of a carbon UD material that adds durability, but also reduces the weight of the stick by 10 grams, compared to last year’s models. Moving to the blade, Bauer uses a 3K carbon wrap with their new MaxBalance blade construction which provides ultimate feel and control of the puck.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Team Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick features Bauer’s Maximum Power Kick technology, which improves the transfer of energy from the shaft to the blade allowing for the hardest shots possible. This stick is perfect for players who love to take big slap shots from the point and hard one timers.

If you are an intermediate-level player looking for a good overall stick that features upgraded durability, without breaking the bank, then the Bauer Supreme 2S Team Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick will be for you.

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