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Cascade LX Women's Headgear White

Product image 1Cascade LX Women's Headgear White
Product image 2Cascade LX Women's Headgear White

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The Cascade LX is designed specifically for women’s lacrosse and reduces forces associated with accidental ball-to-head and stick-to-head contact. The LX outer shell is tough on impact, but still soft and flexible to the touch to keep unprotected players safe. 


  • Poron XRD offers the maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate impacts
  • The LX steel mask is designed with open sight lines and an ergonomic shape
  • An Integrated goggle system relieves the facial pressure experienced by a separate goggle
  • A rear adjustable strap, dual hair slots and interchangeable cheek pads allow the Cascade LX the perfect fit adjustable to every player
  • Large air vents allow for maximum breathability keeping players cool and comfortable.
  • An outer shell that gives plenty of room to represent custom decals
  • Meets ASTM 3137 for Headgear
  • Meets ASTM 3077 for Goggles

What is ASTM and what is an ASTM Standard?


ASTM is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards. The standards provide a set of guidelines and test procedures to which manufacturers can develop products. ASTM standards increase the level of product performance and allow end consumers to have confidence in the products they use. What are the 2 new Women’s Lacrosse ASTM Standards and what do they include? The 2 new standards available for women’s lacrosse are F3137 for women’s lacrosse headgear and F3077 for women’s lacrosse goggles. F3137 for headgear has 3 main test requirements; a drop impact test that simulates a 45 mph stick swing, a 60 mph ball impact test and a deformation test to ensure a level of softness that complies with the rules of women’s lacrosse. F3077 is a specific eyewear standard for women’s lacrosse and adds additional testing conditions from the general eyewear standard previously used.

How has Cascade Lacrosse been involved in the ASTM process?

As the leader in head protection in men’s lacrosse, Cascade Lacrosse was very involved in the ASTM process. We collaborated with both ASTM and US Lacrosse to help research and develop the test methodology included in the headgear standard F3137. How are these new standards incorporated into the Women’s Lacrosse Rules? The F3137 standard for headgear and the F3077 for goggles are introduced with the same language in the rules for US Lacrosse, NFHS and NCAA.

Why does an integrated system perform better?

The Cascade LX integrated goggle-headgear system was engineered to work together. With one piece of equipment, gearing up and getting into the game is an easy and requires minimal adjustments before and during play. The LX eyemask rests comfortably on the face and reduces the facial pressure experienced goggles.

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