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EPOCH Elite Integra Arm Pad White

Product image 1EPOCH Elite Integra Arm Pad White
Product image 2EPOCH Elite Integra Arm Pad White
Product image 3EPOCH Elite Integra Arm Pad White

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New Integra ELITE Arm Protection is changing the way players are protected on the field. With new technology such as: Multi Density Foam, S.Café®, Dual Strapping System and more.

Epoch’s industry leading Sandwich Locking System eliminates pad slippage while allowing for a customized fit and added protection.

The hard shell cap with composite material reinforcement is designed to give players needed protection without limiting maneuverability.

This foam reduces the amount of stitching needed on the pad, improving flexibility, movement and protection. From a design standpoint, this also allows Epoch to be more precise in the shape of the pad, giving Integra Elite an overall cleaner, and more precise look.

Our Integra Elite Arm Protection uses a non-rigid stabilized composite material that is an extremely lightweight and “flexible”. Our engineers incorporated the composite material into the design of our glove utilizing it to protect the thumb.

Epoch’s new polyester compression sleeve on the Integra Elite Arm Protection is engineered to be form fitting and breathable. Designed to give players a more comfortable fit during gameplay, while reducing slippage and bunching

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