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Nike Vapor Shoulder Pad Liner

Product image 1Nike Vapor Shoulder Pad Liner
Product image 2Nike Vapor Shoulder Pad Liner
Product image 3Nike Vapor Shoulder Pad Liner
Product image 4Nike Vapor Shoulder Pad Liner

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An ergonomically designed silhouette allows for the Vapor 2.0s to fit perfectly over the chest and collar bones to offer elite protection, yet doesn’t provide big, bulky pads that add weight. By removing the shoulder cuffs in the original Vapor 2.0, the 2.0 liners allow for quicker play and more range of motion when lifting the stick up for shots or over-the-head checks.

Integrated stretch zones allow for more freedom of movement and ensures a great fit as the body moves during games. These stretch zones also allow for a bit more freedom for younger players who may not have fully grown into larger pads yet, as the Vapor 2.0s will allow for certain areas to grow with the player.

If you’re looking for elite level shoulder pads that are lightweight, durable, and can bend and flex with your body during the heat of a game, the Nike Vapor 2.0 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Liners are the ones for you.

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