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Warrior COVERT CF100 Helmet (Helmet only)

Product image 1Warrior COVERT CF100 Helmet (Helmet only)
Product image 2Warrior COVERT CF100 Helmet (Helmet only)

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New for 2022 Warrior is bringing a custom fit to their stock helmets with the all-new Warrior Covert CF 100 Hockey Helmet! Striking a perfect balance of fit, comfort and protection the CF 100 will be a great fit for all levels of play.

Starting off with what’s new in the Warrior Cover CF 100 helmet, the helmet comes with heat moldable inserts in the front and back of the helmet. These inserts will allow you to custom fit the helmet for your individual head, providing the perfect fit no matter the shape of your head. The custom fit will not only be comfortable for your head, but it will help to provide top tier head protection from impacts due to it being molded to your personal head shape. These customizable inserts will offer the ultimate combination of comfort and protection.

Continuing with the inside of the Covert CF 100, there is an EPP liner that is the foundation to providing the best lightweight protection against all impacts. Impax foam zones have also been included over the temples to provide an additional level of protection against hits in this crucial area of the head.

Throughout the exterior of the Covert CF 100, Warrior incorporated cooling vents. These vents are integrated directly into the helmet shell and the vents direct air flow thru the helmet and around the player’s head. This will help keep the player cool and comfortable while on the ice and throughout the game.

The snap flaps on the sides of the Covert CF 100 Hockey Helmet allow players to adjust the way the helmet fits on their head on the fly, in a matter of seconds.

If you are a player looking for a custom fitting helmet that excels in protection and comfort, check out the new Warrior Covert CF 100 Hockey Helme

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